St. Stephen's Episcopal Church Oak Harbor

By God's Grace, All Are Welcome

Stewardship 2023


Dear Members of St. Stephen's:


You are amazing. When Michele and I left for Spain on October 12th, the stewardship campaign was flagging, or maybe just slow to catch on. I knew that some people were saving their pledges to dedicate at the Taizé service following the Harvest Dinner, but still I was worried. Then, when we returned after the Harvest Dinner and received a list of all the pledges so far, I brightened up. We were just $6000 short of the goal of $183,000. Then two more pledges came in during the week before last Sunday, and I announced Sunday morning that you all had pledged just over $186,000 for the 2024 budget. Amazing! 


Wow! I am so grateful. 


Thank you to everyone who pledged (33 households). Thank you to everyone who shared a Minute for Mission on why they support St. Stephen's. Thanks to the Stewardship Committee. Thanks to Susan Ho, Terry Bible, Kate Neuberger, and Bonnie Sugatan and others who helped organize and carry out the Harvest Dinner, and to Harry Anderson for multiple efforts in guiding the stewardship program and especially for planning and leading the Taizé service. When we all pull together, wonderful things are possible. 


Tom Johnson, Chair

Stewardship Committee